Monday, January 02, 2006

Past Present Future

Past Present Future

Thoughts of mind for my fellow being
Inspirations of my life worthwhile seeing
Faith in my God from body and soul
Combined together with Heavens glow
The love of my wife and family within
Denying of all earthly sins
Love that is bonded in the promise of God
As we tread our tasks on his earthly sod
Sharing with nature and its beauty of view
The scent of Heaven combined with earthly dew
These are the gifts we are able to share
Under God’s watchful eye and tender care
The age I soon am , the youth of my heart
These feelings in my soul I want never to part
The Temple of my being in inner soul
The beauty of age as before me it unfolds
For we are not to question what is to be
We must live our life to the fullest for thee
When my time comes that I will at last see God’s face
May he accept my soul as my eternal home I will embrace


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