Monday, January 02, 2006

The Train depot

The Train depot

Looking at my memories of the past
Gloucester’s Train Depot comes to my mind
Of the many friendships to last
Some today so hard to find
The Shoe Shine stand I worked each day
With customers of the city and Hollywood fame
Such as Mayor Corliss with words of wisdom to say
Arthur Godfrey, Roger W. Babson just two by name
The Ticket man, Roger Edwards a true friend
Bunny at the Newspaper Stand with the candy he gave
Sophie Tucker who once in a while dropped by to lend
A few words of encouragement to save
The trains they come, and then pass me by
With passengers from all life works of life
But the greatest of these were of my prayers to God on high
That in childhood was cut from me like a knife
My dear mother returned it was not a dream
That I lived through the first ten years of my youth
The crying has ended and so has the screams
At last at this depot I have learned the truth


At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Scott Corliss said...

Beatrice Corliss was my Great Aunt. I miss her words and love as well.


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