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Continuing to Look Back ~ Traversing Pleasant & Main Streets
Memories from Peter Todd

At this time we see the corner of Main & Pleasant as a total emptying of store fronts. This corner in years past was one of the busiest in Gloucester. In my time it was Sterlings Drugstore. It was managed by Jerry & Gordon Wiener. To this day I can remember Mrs. Johnson cutting me a big piece of squash pie, with a heaping spoonful of Sealtest chocolate ice cream. I can recall how in my youth the counter was so large. The people who worked at the Drugstore were very kind to the children of the area.

In walking around the corner upward on Pleasant St. there was Gloucester Camera and Photo, which later became a part of my Masonic Journey in the pages of time. Where the Artist Galleries are now located was the Western Union, managed by Mr. & Mrs. Howard Costa. I can also envision where Browns Mall is. The William G.Brown Department Store. Who could ever imagine that there would be so many condominiums within that building.

I remember the most, the little restaurant in the department store. Contrary to popular belief it was located beneath the spot where the Savory Skillet is located now. I can even now hear in my mind the sounds of the sales papers being routed through the air tubes that were located all over the store. In going out of the building on the Pleasant Street side I can also remember Santa's Village, located between the Salvation Army and Browns Department Store.

In particular in recalling the Salvation Army, when we were small we would go there to be given shoes to wear, and clothing to keep us warm . I can also remember each Christmas party at the Elks on Pleasant Street when we were treated to a Christmas Party with all the fixings, including Winter and Rain coats and hats gifted from Mighty Mac.

Woolworth's was located on the corner of Pleasant & Mains Street heading down toward where Dunkin Donuts is. Where the Police Station now is located there used to be Gorin's, which later became Almys Department store. The Police Station was located on Duncan St., next to the Fishermen's Institute, which by the way I and my family had the honor of cleaning before they tore it down. You see the agreement was we were only to clean up to the second floor as they were going to tear out the third, however as we finished the second floor some of the fishermen proceeded to lug their things from the third floor down to the second. So it was decided the building had to go.

Well that's it for now , I will try to shake the brain for more interesting imprints of my youth and teenage years.

Posted July 11, 2005 05:38 AM
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