Monday, January 02, 2006

Upon the Shoulders o

Upon the Shoulders of Faith
By Noble & Brother Peter A. Todd 02/27/2004

Standing proud with outstretched arms
He reaches out to provide for the girls and boys
Telling them to have no fear of any harm
As he gives them each a special toy
Comforting them of the pain in their bodies
As they settle them into the Shriner’s vans seat
Carrying them into the Shriner Hospital lobby
With their nurses and doctors to greet
This is the pride and reward that Shriner’s live
To give new hope to every patient they see
It is the challenge for every Shriner to give
Each a complete and successful recovery
The road of recovery must be fast
It is made smoother by the Transportation Fund
It could be a Van, Airplane , Train or Jet Flight cast
That performs this journey of angels begun


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