Monday, January 02, 2006

Rainbows Quest

Rainbow’s Quest
By Peter A. Todd  1/12/2003

The Journey of a Rainbow Girl is guided by Faith
In the Lessons through its Bow
It is one of Hope and challenges great
Of the wisdom of young ladies of the past to know
Each step you have taken has been a reflection of your love
That you have chosen with others to share
It will be a journey that has been guided by God above
For the kindness of your thoughtful care
Now dressed in the purity of your snow white gown
“Young Lady “ you stand where many have stood before
Who were proud to wear the Worthy Advisors crown
But none could have more pride than your Family you adore
Look well to the East and hold your head high
For you represent the future of those you now will lead
Under the Seven Colors of the Rainbow high
From Rainbow Girls of the past, who have planted its seed.


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