Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ages and Time

Ages and Time

With humbled heart I held his hand
As he talked of ages long past
It was like walking through drifting sand
Of which his level of time was cast
The lessons he conveyed were of three
That of Faith Charity and love
But of all these three he did decree
The greatest of them all was charity
It is in our hearts that Faith should abide
With the hope of love in our dreams
To live out our life with beloved at our side
Under the eyes of God and his heaven’s gleam
So as you see your years pass on by
Remember Age is but a question of the mind
For Jesus will be at our sides
Through Faith in prayer Eternity one will find
These are the lessons a Mason taught to me
In our travels upon the Level and Square
This is the reflection of his love of family



The Promised Journey

The Promised Journey
By Peter A. Todd

Our Brother has lived by the level and square
By the way he shared his devotion and love
In times of life’s trials he was there
Guided by his belief of Heaven above
The Master’s carpet that he has tread
In his journey within the three lights
Has been followed by many brethren he once led
Without fear from the darkness of the night
We his brothers now gather at this time
To pay homage to this Master of many crafts
Truly of the promise of God he was not blind
That at the call, all eternal happiness is cast
The Grand Architect will receive him at the Gate
To reward him for all the deeds he’s done
For this my sister and brothers is our fate
After all our challenges are won.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Whispers in the Winds

Vision if you will an eagle in flight

As the sun rises in the East

Or the reflection of our Flag

Flying freely at dawns light

Such a treasure for this soul of mine to feast

The young sparrow landing on its perch

A reflection of God’s great love

The winter wind bending the forest clear

With the seeds of life growing in faith

Whispers silent Whispers

My heart yearns to bear

The need of my soulful being

My mind wants and cares

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Foundation of Life

A house to me is many things

One is the Foundation of life

To all inside it will bring

Warmth from the fireside bright

There are rooms of many colors

Painted to the desires of each

A family of many sisters and brothers

That through dedication they will teach

The lessons of life that each offspring needs

When they leave the shelter of their home

To carry on with each of their chosen deeds

Such as building a home of their own

A home is a special treasure

That through time all should share

A good time of happiness and pleasures

In this our foundation of love and care

Nightmare or Reality

I sit and stare through window wide

Asking myself why this is happening to me?

Have my Mom and Dad really died?

Why won’t they let me free?

I miss the last home I was in

Why was I shoved out the door?

When can I have a lasting friend?

Why can’t I have my own cat or dog to adore?

The crying and screaming are scaring me

Why it’s the reflection of my own tears I see

If only the lady would take my hand

To go to another home would be so grand

I guess I’ll go back to sleep

To return to my peaceful dreams deep

Resting again in my mothers arms

As she keeps me away from all these fears and harm

In The Blink of an Eye

In the blink of an eye Salvation is received

By confessing with ones tongue

This is the promise Henry lived and believed

A new everlasting life in Jesus won

Through breathless pain to Jesus he cried

Bless my Family and friends

For he knew his prayers would not be denied

That upon their hearts truth would descend

His message was given and well received

For it is a testimony of those gathered here

That in the promise of an everlasting life

There is only the greatest of happiness to revere

Henry’s Legacy can be shared by these simple thoughts

Believe in yourself and to others be true

For earthly life is lost in the blink of an eye

Give yourself to Jesus and a new Life Eternal

Will not be denied