Friday, March 24, 2006

Worlds Treasures

World’s Treasure’s

It is said that the most held value
Is the world’s precious diamonds and gold.
Yet we need not far to travel
For within our mists greater treasures unfold
A mother’s love is truly precious
They watch over us through all the days and nights
In times of life’s fears she’s courageous
A mother is to our youth a guiding light
So treasure this there special day
By giving them your thanks for there undying love
Show them how you love them in a special way
For this love should be a reflection of God above
Mother’s they may be single or wed for years beyond measure
They even could be miles away, or live down the street
They are the greatest of all the world’s treasures
Who have molded and shaped our lives complete
A very Happy Mothers Day to each and every one
May the blessing of God be with them this and everyday
That all their trials and goals be won
“ Mother’s “World’s Treasure’s in each and everyway.

Happy Mother’s Day

Peter A. Todd 5/03/01


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