Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nightmare or Truth

Nightmare or Truth
By Peter A. Todd 3/21/2003

It was a cold winters night and all was still
I can see it clearly but it seems to be a dream
I’m out with the guys with good time to kill
In my head are deafening screams
I volunteered to drive as I only drank a few
Or in truth could it have been three
Who’s counting were just out for a good time
If only these sounds in my head would leave me
It’s beginning to get real hazy and cold
The streets seem to be turning to ice
But I am a good driver in full control
I’m known as a friend to be trusted and bright
I believe we left the last bar nine or ten
Who really cares were just out for fun
This were having with my drinks I begin to blend
Oh! My God what’s that blurred figure before me
It’s a mother and child crossing the street
Please help me I’m so dizzy I can’t see
To even put on the brake with my feet
But it’s to late they are gone from sight
Dam! All I can hear is their deathly screams
Who do they think they are out at this time of the night?
Maybe this is just a foolish bad dream
Well things are quite now my friends are back with me
But tell me Lord why from their lips are there no sounds
I now lay at peace with these flowers circling free
As they lower my casket into the ground
Wait! in the corner above my grave
I see a young father staring at me
Why does he look with such hatred in his eyes
I was just out with guys for a good time I’ve craved


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