Thursday, January 05, 2006

In Birthday m

       In Birthday memory of
       Ida Marie Putaansuu
     Poetry by Peter Todd
     In Birthday memory of “ Ida Marie Putaansuu “    

Fifty-One years ago “Mom” clasped Jesus hand
To be gathered into Heaven’s renewal of life
Through earthly times of troubled sands
In my faith she abides within the great light
My book of teaching reaches my soul
To share with God what I could not see
For now as my years of wisdom starts to unfold
Of the pains of false love she is eternally free
In my heart she flies with the angels of God
Watching over our family through days and nights
Her embodiment is of the rainbow above the sod
That helps to make the load in my heart light
I leave this spent moment of my heart
In homage to all those families members of God’s promised land
Their gifts of love and the wisdom to impart
Will abide through the changing of the Hourglass sands
Poetry is the Vision of the Soul through the spirit of one’s soul


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