Thursday, January 05, 2006

Inner Door

Inner Door
Poetry by Peter Todd

The sands of time stopped on that tearful day
When my mother was freed from her imprisoned room
In my search of her being words of the unfaithful to say
That her life was of just a pitiful doom
Little did they know of this Special Mom, God’s treasure?
This lady with a heart that would melt like gold
A loving Soul by today’s standards beyond any measure
Of the true meaning of a mothers love to unfold
Trapped in a body filled with sickness and pain
Treated like a Leprosy or a invading germ
Many a days homeless through sunshine and rain
With trusting heart and a soul that burned
Jesus heard her cry to enter the inner door
As she begged her Savior to let her to be saved
From her earthly world of hate in her prison room explored
Now part of my heart and soul her life to me gave

Poetry is the Vision of the Soul through the spirit of one’s heart


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