Thursday, January 05, 2006

Shredded but Whole

Shredded but Whole

Poetry by Peter Todd

In skies of blue I waiver near waters edge
All torn and cruelly tattered
My staff broken and splintered
The symbol of my honorable duty shuddered
I was spit on and lowly cursed
With words of hatred even by the young
Stepped on and kicked just like a ball
By teenagers out for a night of fun
They will not stop me I will fly even more
For I am the flag of freedom and glory
Through many treacherous land I have soured
The red blood of my stripes and each soldiers story
Just as the field of blue at oceans near
My white representing our countries faith
The stars of all our great states
Under God’s and below Heavens Golden Gates
Poetry is the Vision of the Soul through the spirit of one’s soul


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