Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Souls inner passi

My Souls inner passion

As I reach into my heart in search of mind
To pass on to you the love from my soul
My Darling Barbara through my heart is defined
You are the passion that abides in my soul
Our Love has conquered many mountains
Of life’s struggles and problems as they unfold
My dearest our union of Faith has been like a fountain
That enriches all the greatest of love to hold
On this Special Valentine’s Day
I embrace your love as if it were just new
My beautiful wife I just want in witness of God to say
How much I in our journey truly love you
It is my prayer this day that God will impart
All the greatest of Life’s treasures to you due
My darling in our sands of time you abide in my heart
As my inner passion gives my undying love to you

Happy Valentine’s Day

Peter xxx 000(image placeholder)


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