Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Greetings

Valentine’s Greetings
By Peter A. Todd 02/14/2005

Expressions of love can be of many ways
Such as a card or a box of scrumptious candy
Most are sweet, yet others can be tart
Valentine’s gifted from Friends and Family
It is a time of ones expressions of the heart
To be passed on to all those we love and greet
Such as a big hug to that Special person to impart
Or the re-union of lost love to meet
Love is a gathering of the Souls emotions
It is built in the hearts waiting to be released
Those feelings of ones unbroken devotion
That will never be lost or cease
We on this day look back in the pages of time
Remembering those who shared their love
For no other treasure can be more defined
Than the precious gift of our parents love

Happy Valentine’s Day to all


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