Monday, February 20, 2006

Fathers Day Salutati

Fathers Day Salutation
By Peter A. Todd 6/10/2003

When we think of Fathers we remember the Faith
That they had in all their conquered deeds
We reflect upon the blisters on their hands
From the way they labored for each child to feed
A Father is to each child a firm foundation
That has given them guidance along life’s trail
Truly a gift of our Lord of all creation
The Captain of our Life's Schooner sailed
We also remember each hard lessen in life
That they taught us how to defend
Guiding us to a choice that was right
So that the challenge would come to an end
On this day we wish to impart to all of you
Our greatest wish for a Happy Father’s Day
We thank you for each day in Christ renewed
It is their Love that has guided our way


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