Monday, February 20, 2006



I take my stroll by the oceans sand
Amazed by how the tide smoothes the shore
Taking pictures of the Man at the Wheel
Paying a quarter for the harbor to explore
Catching my breath as I admire such sites
As the Lighthouse beyond Ten Pound Island
Or the majesty of Hammond’s castle at night
Or our golden beaches to bask on
The oceans wave pounding the back shore
With the mists of the sea spraying each passerby
The Universalist Church with its historical steeple
As its glowing beacon guides ships through foggy skies
The fishing boats and Lobster boats tied to each dock
Making ready their nets and traps for the next trip out
Dogtown Common with all its trails and historic rocks
Stagefort Park and its happy families of cries and shouts
The Joan of Ark statue and Roger’s memorial stone
All the murals inside City Hall
The name of Lost Fishermen , loved ones own
This my friends is the city my memory recalls


At 5:54 PM, Blogger Biks Wigglesworth said...

To see actual photos of Dogtown, further reading or a map of the Babson boulders in Dogtown, go here:The Dacrons Dogtown site


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