Monday, January 02, 2006

Reflections of the H

Reflections of the Hourglass of Time
By Peter A. Todd

At the peak of May natures flowers grow
From the showers of God’s rain
In our minds past memories flow
Of the Love from time past gained
We think of all fighting of the women and men
Who fought and died over foreign land and sea
A reflection of the Hourglass never to end
For these brave that gave their lives for our Liberty
We also reflect upon the sands of time
Of memories of those who now abide with God
They live in the hearts of those left behind
To continue their heritage on earths sod
The Sand of the Hourglass quickly flow
Telling us that time is more precious than gold
It’s a mirrored reflection that won’t let you go
Until the blessing of God’s eternal peace unfolds


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