Friday, March 24, 2006

Words of the Vision

Words of the Vision of the Soul

Poetry must and always be of the soul
A rendering of love of the writer’s heart
It should contain a vision of time yet to unfold
The emotions of its meaning from the start
Poetry is as ancient as from the Psalms of David
Such a faithful and God fearing man
The description of what is within the inner beauty
Of loved ones we embrace and cherish dear
Or the vision a mountain and morning clearing
It is the very existence of our inner tears
Of words to be treasured through the sands of time
A vision for the blind of pleasures to unfold
Expressions of love in our thoughts hard to find
Poetry more precious than the world and all its gold
It’s the echo of ones heart to the impaired of hearing
The comforting of mind in sadness cast
The reflection of the soul and ones awakening nearing
It’s etched in silver within the souls reflection matched

Worlds Treasures

World’s Treasure’s

It is said that the most held value
Is the world’s precious diamonds and gold.
Yet we need not far to travel
For within our mists greater treasures unfold
A mother’s love is truly precious
They watch over us through all the days and nights
In times of life’s fears she’s courageous
A mother is to our youth a guiding light
So treasure this there special day
By giving them your thanks for there undying love
Show them how you love them in a special way
For this love should be a reflection of God above
Mother’s they may be single or wed for years beyond measure
They even could be miles away, or live down the street
They are the greatest of all the world’s treasures
Who have molded and shaped our lives complete
A very Happy Mothers Day to each and every one
May the blessing of God be with them this and everyday
That all their trials and goals be won
“ Mother’s “World’s Treasure’s in each and everyway.

Happy Mother’s Day

Peter A. Todd 5/03/01

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nightmare or Truth

Nightmare or Truth
By Peter A. Todd 3/21/2003

It was a cold winters night and all was still
I can see it clearly but it seems to be a dream
I’m out with the guys with good time to kill
In my head are deafening screams
I volunteered to drive as I only drank a few
Or in truth could it have been three
Who’s counting were just out for a good time
If only these sounds in my head would leave me
It’s beginning to get real hazy and cold
The streets seem to be turning to ice
But I am a good driver in full control
I’m known as a friend to be trusted and bright
I believe we left the last bar nine or ten
Who really cares were just out for fun
This were having with my drinks I begin to blend
Oh! My God what’s that blurred figure before me
It’s a mother and child crossing the street
Please help me I’m so dizzy I can’t see
To even put on the brake with my feet
But it’s to late they are gone from sight
Dam! All I can hear is their deathly screams
Who do they think they are out at this time of the night?
Maybe this is just a foolish bad dream
Well things are quite now my friends are back with me
But tell me Lord why from their lips are there no sounds
I now lay at peace with these flowers circling free
As they lower my casket into the ground
Wait! in the corner above my grave
I see a young father staring at me
Why does he look with such hatred in his eyes
I was just out with guys for a good time I’ve craved

Window of Life

Window of Life

With eyes fixed through window wide
I take in Nature’s rare sites
Birds chirping side by side
Upon each mornings new sunlight
The calming of the changing seas
As the tides smoothes out the sand
Reminding us that we are free
To abide on this our God given land
As the evening comes to its end
The waters take on a great change
For unto the human eye Heaven glows
Beyond the stars and the moons range
To blanket us with God’s protective sky
As we rest from our daily deeds
Within God’s blessings to abide
As in him we must always believe