Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cat of Nine Tails

Cat of Nine Tails
By Peter A. Todd    petertoddpoet.com

With open eyes and endless thoughts
I reflect upon the pain in my back
Asking myself why my mind was wrought
Of the whippings for which I did not ask
Each time I felt the stinging pain
I would think of my mother I did not know
Of the loving kindness of my sister
Who in my dreams protected me from each blow
I asked myself back in younger days
Why was I taken away with such haste?
Then I recalled as my loved ones would say
I was lying in my own waste
So dear Lord the sands of time has past
And the scars of my body have healed
Looking back those fifty years passed
The answers of my crying heart have been revealed

Monday, May 08, 2006

Mothers Touch

Mother’s Touch
By Peter A. Todd 05/08/2006

A mother’s touch is her grace and smile
Or the tender kiss at each embrace
A mother’s touch is in her cooking style
Teaching her children not to waste
The faith in her God she passed on
Her hand encircling ours as we grew
The cloths she washed that we wore
The wisdom we have now by all she knew
A mother’s touch is like the brush of angel wings
Combined by the light of Heaven’s glow
We reflect as we loved how she would sing
As our torn clothing from playing she would sew
To those Mother’s of yesterday’s and tomorrows
We give you all the honor and praise
For the precious time God gave us to borrow
We wish you all a Happy Mothers Day