Thursday, September 15, 2005

Heritages Re-Birth

We have pledged our allegiance to our flag
Stood in silent moment of praise
Reflecting in quiet thoughts of what we now have
From the years past and its challenging days
Surrounded by memories of the past
Tonight we begin a new journey to travel
Made possible by workers devoted to that task
To give a rebirth of City Hall at the sound of the gavel
Standing in a circle where citizen's once stood before
That the ravages of age could not tear it away
From the ketstones above the windows and doors
We proudly celebrate this victory today
Behold! The Balcony of Honorable Mayor's past
Who served our city throughout its years
To the elected officials the challenge is now cast
To continue to serve this city they hold dear
We not only celebrate the rebirth of a building
But a begining of new challenges in view
It is the citizen's and the voters of Gloucester
That this night invests its trust in all of you

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

His Touch

With humble heart I search afar
For the miraculous touch of God
I reach our to each shining star
As I live my life upon his sod
I seek his touch to heal the hurt
That children suffer from sickened minds
Or the embrace of the aging bodies
With no comfort from loved ones to find
I seek his touch for a renewal of life
To return me to the victorious helm
That once more he will heal my wife
From the challenges that seem so overwelmed
It is the touch of God I humbly seek
To erase forever the suffering and pain
From the prayers of the family to the child of the street
Let not their cries of hurt be in vain
I seek his touch on the women and men
Who chose to fight for the freedom of others
I seek his touch for the terror of flooding to ascend
That loved ones will be re-united with each other

Sunday, September 04, 2005



With misty eyes and hidden tears
I fear for the souls of troubled minds
The incredible loss of trust they are feeling
Of those who leaders who are so deaf and blind
From the man in his statuous house of white
To the leaders of countries once great
For the tortured minds of children in the center of fights
Of this bitter torn time at the breaking of the flood gates
The meaning of faith has been washed away
By the acts of lawlessness and greed
Our children of our past now led astray
By the silver spoon born of their treasury to fed
The sands of time have turned crimson red
From the loss of children at the preditors plight
It is time that our Nation takes a everlasting stand
By returning our hero,s home to give answer to
the cry of those innocent victims impassioned plight
God reach out with your protective hands
Surround us with your love and grace
Help us to clean up our acts of the sins of your land
Guide us in wiping away these acts of unwanted hate