Monday, February 20, 2006



I take my stroll by the oceans sand
Amazed by how the tide smoothes the shore
Taking pictures of the Man at the Wheel
Paying a quarter for the harbor to explore
Catching my breath as I admire such sites
As the Lighthouse beyond Ten Pound Island
Or the majesty of Hammond’s castle at night
Or our golden beaches to bask on
The oceans wave pounding the back shore
With the mists of the sea spraying each passerby
The Universalist Church with its historical steeple
As its glowing beacon guides ships through foggy skies
The fishing boats and Lobster boats tied to each dock
Making ready their nets and traps for the next trip out
Dogtown Common with all its trails and historic rocks
Stagefort Park and its happy families of cries and shouts
The Joan of Ark statue and Roger’s memorial stone
All the murals inside City Hall
The name of Lost Fishermen , loved ones own
This my friends is the city my memory recalls

The Fisherman

The Fisherman

Watching over our boats night and day
With his hands at the ships wheel
A statue of Faith for the fishermen of today
With eyes fixed like glistened steel
Many a seasons storms have passed by
Since he was dedicated on our shore
Through raging storms and sunlit skies
The Fisherman has done his chore
Our sands of time have taken its toll
From the great statue of our seas
Like the many stories of Noah often told
Our Fisherman sets the spirit within us free
The words that are etched below his feet
So true to the fishermen in many ways
When the sands of time are stilled we’ll meet
Those we have lost from the oceans grave



As I look upon the ocean view
One thought comes to my mind
Of the loss of the Alligator and her crew
The answers to questions to find
I can remember Captain Carlo, a gentle man
A teacher of the Fishing Craft
He was always ready to give others a helping hand
To those who were to shy to ask
We question the acts of God and his way
Although he must have had cause to take
The crew of the Alligator to eternity stay
Until the Day of Judgment to awake
For now dear lord I pray this night
To comfort those, these men left behind
Help them in their voyage to find your great light
The answers we seek in you to find

Fathers Day Salutati

Fathers Day Salutation
By Peter A. Todd 6/10/2003

When we think of Fathers we remember the Faith
That they had in all their conquered deeds
We reflect upon the blisters on their hands
From the way they labored for each child to feed
A Father is to each child a firm foundation
That has given them guidance along life’s trail
Truly a gift of our Lord of all creation
The Captain of our Life's Schooner sailed
We also remember each hard lessen in life
That they taught us how to defend
Guiding us to a choice that was right
So that the challenge would come to an end
On this day we wish to impart to all of you
Our greatest wish for a Happy Father’s Day
We thank you for each day in Christ renewed
It is their Love that has guided our way

Festive Reasoning

Festive Reasoning

Now that the Festive Season is here
Let us strive to do what is right
When we go out for a night’s cheer
Let us not give our loved ones anguished fright
To drink and drive is a deadly deed
For which there is no excuse
It only fills the empty graves
Of which the sober have no use
To hurt and maim is a horrific sin
To be answered on Judgment Day
So if you’re having beer, wine or gin
Let a sober friend guide your way
It may not be death if drunk you drive
But it could be a lifetime of pain
These words with you I hope will always remain

Circle within the Sq

Circle within the Square
By Peter A.Todd

In reflection to General Warren’s fame
A man and Brother and leader who cared
On what Freemasonry became.
And of what knowledge he gave to share

Through the reflection of the hourglass
We have chosen to follow his lead
In the thoughts and actions of this class
Masonic heritage has planted the seed.

In making this journey upon this level of time
We will strive to fill the Lodge chairs
With men of new visions clearly depicted
Our foundation of Faith will always be there.

In the journey that many will chase
Faith, hope and charity are cast
To help our Brothers in life’s load
They will have the heritage of General Warren,
And all Master Masons of  our past.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Souls inner passi

My Souls inner passion

As I reach into my heart in search of mind
To pass on to you the love from my soul
My Darling Barbara through my heart is defined
You are the passion that abides in my soul
Our Love has conquered many mountains
Of life’s struggles and problems as they unfold
My dearest our union of Faith has been like a fountain
That enriches all the greatest of love to hold
On this Special Valentine’s Day
I embrace your love as if it were just new
My beautiful wife I just want in witness of God to say
How much I in our journey truly love you
It is my prayer this day that God will impart
All the greatest of Life’s treasures to you due
My darling in our sands of time you abide in my heart
As my inner passion gives my undying love to you

Happy Valentine’s Day

Peter xxx 000(image placeholder)

Valentines Greetings

Valentine’s Greetings
By Peter A. Todd 02/14/2005

Expressions of love can be of many ways
Such as a card or a box of scrumptious candy
Most are sweet, yet others can be tart
Valentine’s gifted from Friends and Family
It is a time of ones expressions of the heart
To be passed on to all those we love and greet
Such as a big hug to that Special person to impart
Or the re-union of lost love to meet
Love is a gathering of the Souls emotions
It is built in the hearts waiting to be released
Those feelings of ones unbroken devotion
That will never be lost or cease
We on this day look back in the pages of time
Remembering those who shared their love
For no other treasure can be more defined
Than the precious gift of our parents love

Happy Valentine’s Day to all